The Sumter-Shaw Air Force Base (AFB) Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) was a cooperative planning effort image1among Shaw AFB, Poinsett Electronic Combat Range (ECR), the City of Sumter, Sumter County, and other affected stakeholders in the community. The JLUS identified means of promoting responsible land use, accommodating compatible growth and economic development, protecting public safety and quality of life, and sustaining the mission of the Air Force in the region for the long-term. The study was administered by the Sumter City-County Planning Commission and co-funded through a grant from the Department of Defense (DOD), Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA).
The Sumter-Shaw AFB JLUS was completed in September 2016.

The 2016 study built upon, and was in part, a follow-up to a JLUS completed for Shaw AFB in 1993 and a JLUS completed for Poinsett ECR in 2002. This most recent effort evaluated the implementation and effectiveness of the 1993 and 2002 studies, as well as evaluated the potential impacts of future missions at the two installations.

The Sumter City-County Planning Commission selected White & Smith Planning and Law Group, along with its subcontractors Benchmark CMR, Inc., and
Marstel-Day, LLC, to complete the study.